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FoundersGoHere.com is a resource for entrepreneurs, created by entrepreneurs.

In a world of exponentially expanding information, it’s never been more important to pick out the good advice from the bad; the right analysis from the pretentious; and, the exciting ideas from the over-hyped conventional thinking.

We are a team of researchers, writers, and founders who dive into that vast ocean of information and surface with the facts and guidance that entrepreneurs need most.

We read everything we possibly can, listen to the pertinent podcasts, participate in online forums, and personally talk to budding and leading founders every day.

Our goal: break things down in simple terms, explain how things work in the startup world, and level the playing field – especially for people who feel outside of the typical startup culture.

For Entrepreneurs, By An Entrepreneur

Diane Prince co-founded her first company with nothing but advice from a book called How to Start a Temp Agency for Dummies and another book (whose name she can’t remember) about how to write a business plan.

From there, she and her co-founder created a successful niche staffing agency that they sold to a public company in a deal worth $28 million.

Diane then went on to co-found and found 7 companies in the areas of recruitment tech, staffing, vendor management, and direct-selling women’s fashion.

So, she really knows the value of good information and advice and knows what founders need to understand to succeed!

Upon exiting her last company, Diane began consulting with early-stage small businesses and startups, assuming operational roles such as Head of Sales and Head of Operations.

But she wanted to do more for a wider group of entrepreneurs. So, in 2020 she launched her business coaching practice with the vision of making entrepreneurship easier for anyone who wants to start a company.

As a coach, Diane was able to serve more founders at the same time. Instead of having one or two clients as a hands-on consultant, she could work with 10-15 founders simultaneously, as well as conduct several one-time founder consultations per week.

Having helped so many people bring their ideas to life throughout this process, she realized she wanted to help even more founders and entrepreneurs.

So Diane created foundersgohere.com so she could help as many people as possible realize their business dreams

Here at Founders Go Here, we share information, tips and guidance that will help you learn the critical skills and access the most efficient tools and services required to grow your business.

We share insights and expertise across three major areas that are crucial for all startups and early-stage businesses:

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It’s critical for us that you can always trust what we recommend. So, we promise to provide you with authentic and honest content.


Incidentally, if you want to learn more about how you can use bloggers to generate more sales of your products and services, take a look at our blog post about affiliate marketing. It’s also a helpful article if you’re interested in generating an income from affiliate marketing.

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