10 Essential Pitch Decks by VC-Funded CleanTech Startups

Cleantech startups are redefining the energy industry. Here to show you what that looks like are 10 pitch decks by top cleantech startups.

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Are you a the founder of a CleanTech Startup looking to make an impact on the climate crisis? Are you looking for inspiration from founders of other CleanTech startups who have assembled a mission-driven team of top talent to develop sustainable energy solutions for energy use and minimize their carbon footprint?

Cleantech startups are redefining the energy industry by providing innovative technological solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources. We’re here to show you what that looks like in action – 10 essential pitch decks from VC-funded cleantech startups. With their stories as inspiration, discover why today’s investors prioritize these projects over other typical technology initiatives. Learn about the cutting edge technologies being applied for cleaner air & water sources, solar power being used for heating and cooling systems and other utilities, methods of waste prevention & recycling, renewable energies, smarter grids & much more!

By taking notes from these businesses’ success stories, you can gain insight in how to develop a CleanTech startup and grow a business in in the exciting space, as well as how to craft the perfect presentation and increase your chances of getting your own venture funded.

What is CleanTech and why it matters

CleanTech refers to the science, technology and practices that aim to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable living. It includes a wide range of innovations, from renewable energy sources to eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient heating and cooling, devices and consumer products.

Tech companies in cleantech have been developing technology that uses wind and solar power to provide more energy-efficient heating and cooling across the world.

CleanTech matters because it addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time – climate change. With the global population consuming natural resources and fossil fuels at an unprecedented rate, we need to adopt cleaner and more sustainable ways of living. CleanTech provides a beacon of hope in this regard, facilitating the transition towards a greener future. By promoting energy efficiency, reducing waste streams and plastic pollution, and harnessing renewable energy sources, CleanTech holds the key to a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Examples of CleanTech Technologies

CleanTech technologies refer to a set of innovations that promote sustainability, reduce pollution, and conserve natural resources. The use of solar panels, electric vehicles, wind turbines, natural gas, and biomass energy are some of the examples of CleanTech technologies.

The CleanTech industry has gained momentum in recent years due to the increasing environmental concerns and the need to transition to a carbon-neutral, energy net zero economy. CleanTech technology has brought significant changes in different sectors, including transportation and energy production, and have also opened up new job opportunities and new markets.

Tech companies like Ubiquitous Energy and SunFunder are actively deploying cleantech solutions to reduce energy consumption and increase access to renewable sources of energy. Meanwhile, companies like Tesla Motors, SolarCity and Nest have revolutionized the automotive industry with their electric vehicles and other energy-efficient products.

Localized data and technology have made providing energy-efficient solutions to issues like how to provide power to electric vehicles.

CleanTech and Smart Cities

CleanTech and Smart Cities are the two concepts that go hand in hand. Smart cities use CleanTech technologies to reduce their carbon footprint, conserve energy, and promote sustainable living. Examples of smart cities using CleanTech include Shanghai, Paris, London and Tokyo. These cities have implemented advanced technologies such as renewable energies and intelligent transport systems to increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, they have adopted green construction models to promote aesthetically pleasing but sustainable development.

10 Essential Pitch Decks by VC-Funded CleanTech Startups

1) Tesla

CleanTech Startup Details:

Business Model: eCommerce

Industry: Transportation, Energy, CleanTech, IoT, Manufacturing

Customer Model: B2C

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $192M

Year: 2011

Round: Late Stage

Company Links: Tesla

AngelList: AngelList

Tesla is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California. It designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars as well as solar panels, batteries, and other energy storage products. Tesla has become one of the most recognizable names in the clean energy industry, thanks to its innovative technology and commitment to sustainability.

This CleanTech pitch deck was used to raise capital during its late stage funding round in 2011. It successfully captures the audience’s attention with an overview of Tesla’s innovative technology and products.

For more on the Tesla pitch deck, visit our Tesla Pitch Deck Breakdown.

2) Rovilus

CleanTech Startup Details:

Industry: Energy, CleanTech, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, Hardware, Robotics

Customer Model: B2B

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $150K

Funding Year: 2019

Funding Round: Pre-Seed

Company Website: Rovilus

AngelList: AngelList

Rovilus develops safe and reliable battery packs for industrial vehicles. Rovilus’ innovative thermal management technology provides market-leading longevity, increases operational efficiency by 3.5 times and reduces total cost of operation. Rovilus also offers a range of telematics solutions that allow fleet operators to track and monitor their vehicles in real-time. These features enable customers to reduce downtime, maximize battery utilization, increase safety and create smarter fleet operations.

Rovilus’ mission is to provide reliable power solutions for industrial machinery so that companies can improve operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact. The company’s vision is to make sustainable and affordable energy available for everyone. Rovilus’ solutions are already being used in the automotive, construction, industrial, logistics and equipment rental sectors. With a strong focus on customer needs and innovation, Rovilus is helping its customers increase efficiency, reduce cost and create better operations.

3). BlaBlaCar Pitch Deck

CleanTech Startup Details:

Business Model: Marketplace

Industry: Ride Sharing, CleanTech, Collaboration, Transportation, Travel, Energy

Customer Model: C2C

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: €21.3M

Deck Funding Year: 2016

Round: Late Stage

Company Link: BlaBlaCar

AngelList: AngelList

BlaBlaCar is a trusted online carpooling platform that connects drivers with empty seats to people looking for a ride. Through the platform, users can share the cost of long-distance travel by offering rides in their own cars or by finding a ride with someone going the same way. The service helps people save money on transportation costs and get to their destination safely and more affordably, while reducing environmental impact.

4). Ohmconnect Pitch Deck

CleanTech Startup Details:

Business Model: SaaS

Industry: CleanTech, Energy, Software, IoT

Customer Model: B2C

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Size of Round: $8.5M

Stage: Series B

Year: 2018

Links: Ohmconnect, AngelList

Ohmconnect is a company that helps people save energy, money and the planet. They offer rewards for members who reduce their energy consumption at peak times, helping to balance the grid and reduce carbon emissions. With Ohmconnect, users can track their progress to becoming more sustainable and get paid for it!

5) Folia Water

CleanTech Startup Details:

Business Model: Other

Industry: Cleantech, Biotech, Manufacturing, Retail

Business Model: B2B2C

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $150K

Year: 2017

Round: Pre-Seed

Company Links: Folia Water

AngelList: AngelList

Folia Water is a sustainable bottled water company that provides premium spring water in eco-friendly packaging. Their products are made with 100% recycled plastic and are free of BPA, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. In addition to their bottled water, Folia Water also offers a range of reusable bottles, perfect for on-the-go hydration. They are committed to reducing plastic waste while providing high quality water at an affordable price.

6) Ethic

CleanTechStartup Details:

Business Model: Other

Industry: Accounting, FinTech, Cleantech

Customer Model: B2B

CleanTechPitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $13M

Ethic Deck Funding Year: 2019

Round: Series A

Company Website: Ethic

AngelList: AngelList

Ethic is a technology company that focuses on ethical and sustainable software solutions. They specialize in creating open-source software for businesses and organizations and strive to provide the most effective and secure solutions for their clients. Their mission is to promote responsible business practices, reduce environmental footprint, and facilitate digital transformation.

This B2B pitch deck was used to secure their Series A funding of $13M in 2019. The slides provide an overview of Ethic’s products and services, including its suite of software solutions

For more on pitch decks, read our article on How to Create an A+ Venture Capital Pitch Deck.

 7) Mero Technologies

CleanTech Startup Details:

Business Model: SaaS

Industry: Software, Analytics, IoT, CleanTech, Energy, Robotics

Customer Model: B2C

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $800K

Funding Year: 2020

Funding Round: Pre-Seed

Company Website: Mero Technologies

AngelList: AngelList

Mero Technologies is a commercial cleaning company developing autonomous mobile robots designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial, medical and hospitality cleanings. Mero’s industrial robots are outfitted with computer vision and an array of sensors, allowing them to independently navigate their environment without requiring direct control from their operators. They also come equipped with analytic tools and machine learning algorithms that can detect potential hazards in their environment and adjust the cleaning cycle accordingly. The company’s robots automate labor intensive and repetitive tasks which are common in cleaning, reducing the need to employ people for these physically demanding tasks.

8) Public Goods

CleanTech Startup Details:

Business Model: eCommerce

Industry: Retail, Food, CleanTech

Business Model: B2C

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $3M

Year: 2018

Round: Seed

Company Links: Public Goods

AngelList: AngelList

Public Goods is a direct-to-consumer shopping platform that sells everyday essentials, such as personal care and kitchen products, at wholesale prices. They are committed to providing high-quality products at an affordable price while focusing on sustainability and using natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. They offer a subscription service to make it more convenient for customers to get the essentials they need without having to go out of their way.

This eCommerce pitch deck was used to raise capital during Public Goods’ Seed round in 2018. Through this pitch deck, Public Goods was able to raise $3M in funding at the end of their round.

9) Cladwell

CleanTech Startup Details:

Business Model: App

Industry: Fashion, Software, CleanTech

Customer Model: B2C

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $1M

Year: 2017

Round: Seed

Company Links: Cladwell

AngelList: AngelList

Cladwell is an online personal styling service that helps men and women build a wardrobe they love. Cladwell uses advanced algorithms to provide personalized recommendations based on style preferences, budget, lifestyle, and body type. Its goal is to make dressing easier by helping people create curated collections of clothing that fit their needs and look great. The company also offers a subscription-based closet organizer to make sorting through clothes hassle-free.

10) Gridcure

CleanTech Startup Details:

Business Model: SaaS

Industry: Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Energy, Cloud, CleanTech

Customer Model: B2B

CleanTech Pitch Deck Details:

Size of Round: $95K

Stage: Pre-Seed

Year: 2014

Links: GridCure, AngelList

GridCure is a technology company that specializes in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and address electrical grid problems. Their goal is to provide real-time solutions that can help optimize the performance of power grids, reduce energy costs, improve reliability, and prevent outages. GridCure’s platform combines data analytics with predictive analytics to detect potential issues before they become serious problems. The company works with utilities and other partners to develop innovative software solutions for smarter electricity networks.

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The Bottom Line on Tech Companies in CleanTech

CleanTech startups have the potential to be revolutionary in our fight against climate change, but it is up to us to continue adding more fuel to their fire and provide them with everything they need for success. We can do this by staying informed on the newest innovation, making a conscious effort to purchase green products and services, finding smart ways to save energy, and investing in cleantech startup companies that are doing ground-breaking research. CleanTech technologies can make a real difference, but only if we all chip in and put our planet first. Therefore, let us not lose sight of the incredible power within our reach when it comes to developing new ways of protecting our future as a species and our planet. Each one of us should join hands together towards making renewable resources accessible and afforded by all. Let’s bring cleantech technology into the limelight it deserves so that everyone is aware of its potential impact on our world today for tomorrow’s sake.

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