5 Pitch Decks by Established Legal Tech Companies

Here, we look at 5 major legal tech companies, and peek behind the scenes and how they were able to break into the lucrative legal tech industry.

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Are you interested in launching a legal technology company? Chances are, you’ve heard of some of the success stories powering the growth of legal tech – Clio, LegalZoom and HelloCounsel to name just a few. But where do these legal tech companies start?

A great way to explore what is happening in legal tech is with pitch deck examples from established legal tech companies. Here, we look at what exactly makes up these pitch decks and role out examples from 5 major legal tech companies – showcasing not only their offerings but also providing guidance on how budding entrepreneurs can make an impactful new entry into this lucrative industry.

Introducing Legal Technology- What is Legal Tech, who uses it and why

Legal technology, or Legal Tech, is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for law firms, corporate legal teams and corporate legal departments, legal professionals, and other legal service providers. Legal Tech encompasses a wide range of technologies, including artificial intelligence-based document review, data management tools and data analytics, billing and case management software, legal tech software cybersecurity, and even smart contracts. While initially used by large law firms, Legal Tech is now accessible to law firms of all sizes, as well as in-house legal teams and even solo practitioners.

The adoption of legal tech has allowed legal teams to focus on and mission critical business processes, streamlining repetitive legal processes and recurring legal workflows like processing routine contracts This has led to ultimately freeing internal resources to concentrate on the most complex professional challenges as well as the most impactful and engaging work which law firms specialize in . With these benefits, it’s no wonder that Legal Tech is transforming law firms, legal services and the legal industry and paving the way for a more effective and accessible justice system.

Law firms, legal departments, other legal professionals have been taking advantage of legal technology that like artificial intelligence to streamline existing systems and enable, enable key capabilities, and provide actionable insights.

Examples of Well-Known Legal Tech Co,panies


LegalZoom is perhaps the most well-known legal technology company. Founded in 2001, its mission is to empower people to manage their own legal needs without needing to visit a lawyer or paralegal. LegalZoom offers do-it-yourself forms and online resources as well as access to an attorney network if you need more help with your specific legal matter.


Clio is a cloud-based legal tech software suite that helps lawyers and legal professionals manage their practice by tracking tasks, cases and documents in one place. It also allows for collaborative case management with other professionals, improved billing processes and real time updates on the status of your clients’ matters.


HelloCounsel is an online legal tech software platform that connects individuals and businesses with the legal services they need. It simplifies the process of finding, selecting and hiring a lawyer, providing consumers with an easy-to-use yet comprehensive resource for all their legal needs.

Lex Machina

Lex Machina is a leading provider of legal analytics to law firms, legal departments, corporations and government entities. It provides data-driven insights into the law and legal industry, helping organizations make informed decisions about their cases.


Legal.io is an online marketplace for legal professionals headquartered in San Francisco that connects attorneys to clients, as well as other lawyers who need assistance with their cases. It also makes it easy for lawyers to find contract work or part-time roles that fit their skills

Legal tech companies can provide law firms with the ability to analyze trends, perform accurate data discovery, and answer key questions all more efficiently than ever before.

Examples of Pitch Decks by Established Legal Technology Companies

Pitch decks are a crucial aspect of any startup seeking to attract investors, but they also provide crucial insight into the strategy and planning of these legal technology companies and how they thought about building a complete and scalable solution for law firms and legal services.

In these pitch decks, you’ll find comprehensive market research, product demonstrations, and financial projections. With the increasing demand for legal technology solutions, it’s safe to say that the industry will continue to grow, meaning that we can expect many more impressive pitch decks from new entrants in the market.

1) Bridge US Pitch Deck

Legal Tech Company Details:

Industry: Legal Tech, Software, GovTech

Business Model: SaaS

Customer Model: B2G

Legal Tech Pitch Deck Details:

Investment Type:

Size of Round: $800K

Stage: Seed

Year: 2014

Links: Bridge US, AngelList

Bridge US is a legal technology company that focuses on simplifying the immigration process for businesses and governments. Founded in 2014, Bridge US has developed legal tech software solutions to help businesses like top tech companies navigate the complex bureaucratic landscape of immigration law with ease. The company’s products are designed to be user-friendly and cost-effective, offering comprehensive tracking and automation capabilities to manage the entire employee immigration process from start to finish.

Bridge US closed a $800K Seed round in 2014, and is now on track to revolutionize the way businesses and governments handle immigration cases. With its innovative AI-powered software solutions and modern approach to compliance, Bridge US is well-positioned as a global leader and one of the leading legal tech startups in the industry.

2). Farewill Pitch Deck

Legal Tech Company Details:

Industry: Legal Tech, FinTech

Business Model: E-commerce

Customer Model: B2C

Legal Tech Pitch Deck Details:

Size of Round: $25M

Stage: Series B

Year: 2020

Links: Farewill, AngelList

Farewill is an online, AI-powered, all-in-one legal tech platform that allows users to create legally binding wills in minutes from the comfort of their own homes. Using artificial intelligence, the platform provides step-by-step guidance and support throughout the will creation process, allowing users to make sure their wishes are properly expressed and carried out with out the legal spend of hiring a law firm to write a will.

Founded in 2016, Farewill has since grown to become the UK’s leading will-writing service, with over 500,000 customers. The company recently closed a $25M Series B round in 2020, and is now on track to revolutionize the way people create legally binding wills. With its user-friendly interface and secure online platform, Farewill is well-positioned as one of the leading legal tech startups in the industry.

3) Eaze Pitch Deck

Legal Tech Company Details:

Industry: Cannabis, Legal Tech

Business Model: Marketplace

Customer Model: C2C, B2B2C

Legal Tech Pitch Deck Details:

Size of Round: $20M

Stage: Late Stage

Year: 2020

Links: Eaze, AngelList

Eaze is a cannabis delivery service that enables customers to purchase and receive medical marijuana products from licensed dispensaries in minutes. Customers can order online, through the Eaze mobile app or by phone. The service offers a variety of different products, including flower, edibles, concentrates and more. In addition, Eaze provides educational resources to help customers understand the benefits of cannabis and how to use it safely.

4) Claim Compass Pitch Deck

Legal Tech Company Details:

Business Model: Other

Industry: LegalTech, Travel, Transportation

Customer Model: C2C

Legal Tech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $1.3M

Deck Funding Year: 2019

Round: Seed

Company Link: Claim Compass

AngelList: AngelList

Claim Compass is a leading technology-based platform that provides easy, fast, and reliable support for individuals filing insurance claims. Founded in 2016, Claim Compass makes the process of claiming insurance easier by using machine learning to automate the entire claim filing process, from gathering necessary documents to filing with the insurer. Their goal is to help customers save time and money during the claims process.

Claim Compass recently raised a $1.3M Seed round in 2019 and is now on track to revolutionize the way people file insurance claims. With its convenient mobile app and automated claim filing, Claim Compass is well-positioned as one of the leading legal tech companies in the industry.

5) Prolaera

Legal Tech Startup Details:

Business Model: Subscription, SaaS

Industry: Accounting, EdTech, LegalTech

Customer Model: B2B

Legal Tech Pitch Deck Details:

Amount Raised: $35K

Year: 2015

Round: Pre-Seed

Company Link: Prolaera

AngelList: AngelList

Prolaera is a startup that specializes in providing accountants and legal professionals with the tools and resources they need to stay up-to-date on their continuing professional education (CPE). Their services include automated CPE tracking, personalized learning plans, online learning and training event management. With Prolaera’s comprehensive suite of tools and resources, licensed professionals can easily manage their CPE requirements and continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Founded in 2015, Prolaera has since grown to become one of the leading providers of CPE services. The company recently closed a $35K Pre-seed round and is now on track to revolutionize the way professionals stay ahead of industry trends.
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Final Thoughts – Why Legal Technology Startups Are Gaining Popularity

To conclude, Legal Technology is an impressive and evolving field that can provide groundbreaking opportunities for startups. Creating a successful pitch deck requires careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. As highlighted by the three established Legal Tech companies, each approach to developing a winning pitch deck can vary but overall must focus on selling the idea of your product or service. Most importantly, be cognizant of the bigger impression you may leave on investors by making sure your branding and visuals are modern and polished. As seen throughout this blog post, the growing popularity of Legal Technology Startups is simply undeniable. With so much potential to grow in this space, new developments are creating an ecosystem that is full of innovative ideas which provides unique opportunities as these technology startups continue to gain momentum.

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