The pitch deck Shopify used to raise $122.3M

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Shopify is a Software startup that used this pitch deck to raise $122.3M.

If you’re a startup founder looking for venture capital, then you know that you’ll need an excellent pitch deck.

At Founders Go Here, we’ve compiled over 300 pitch decks to give you examples of what’s worked for other startups. Here is the pitch deck that Shopify used in their Late Stage that got them $122.3M.

Industry: Software, Ecommerce, Retail

Business Model: SaaS

Investment Type: VC, Corporate

Size of Round: $122.3M

Stage: Late Stage

Year: 2016

Links: Shopify, AngelList

Shopify is a B2B SaaS platform which enables small to medium-sized businesses to set-up an online ecommerce store quickly and easily. To date, Shopify has raised $122.3M in outside capital from outside investors including Firstmark and Bessemer Venture Partners. Shopify closed its most recent funding round with a Series C round in 2013.

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